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New for 2017 Plate Series

  • Prestige plates may now have up to five (5) letters/numbers/spaces per combination
  • Truck (T) and Commercial (C) plates will now have a vehicle type code (T or C) after the county number and before the bucking horse emblem
  • 2-digit County Numbers are now stacked

Prestige Plates Allowable Combinations:

  • A maximum of 5 letters or combination of 5 letters, numbers, and spaces
  • Only Capital letters and Arabic numbers
  • No symbols
  • No combination with more than four (4) W's or M's (not allowed: WMWWM)
  • No combination of entirely numbers unless the first digit is a zero (0)
  • No combination consisting entirely of numbers followed by a single alphabetic suffix (not allowed: 11A,12B, 123C)
  • No combination that spells, connotes, abbreviates, or otherwise stands for language that is obscene, vulgar, indecent, or pruriently suggestive. All combinations are subject to WYDOT approval.
  • No combination that duplicates a currently issued plate or conflicts with a series of letter and number combinations on a regular issue license plate


No refund of the application fee will be given if the applicant marks the wrong vehicle type. If uncertain as to the correct type of plates to order, please contact your County Treasurer.

For orders paid with a credit/debit card, the $2.50 processing fee is non-refundable in all cases.

Check/money order payments may be returned prior to the payment being deposited. Credit card orders may be refunded less the processing fee prior to the production of plates.

All orders may be changed prior to plates being issued or the order sent to the plate production facility for production.